Sea Glass Necklace

This has been by far, the easiest jewelry project on here! When I found the huge bowl of sea glass sitting in the garage, I decided to get out the super glue! You only need 4 things for this project:

  • a piece of sea glass
  • chain
  • superglue
  • an attachment – something that can be superglued onto the sea glass to create a loop to put the chain through

So how do you do this? You can probably figure that out. Put a dot of super glue on each side of the sea glass and put on the attachment. Then put your chain through the open hole and voila!

This is the cheapest piece of jewelry I have ever made. A great 5 minute project!


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2 Responses to Sea Glass Necklace

  1. What a simple, yet gorgeous idea! So much easier than wire wrapping the glass. Would you mind if I featured it on my site?

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