Beaded Shirt

I saw a girl the other day with a great t-shirt on. It was a simple grey colour with lots of fun colourful beads around the neck. I loved this idea, so I took a sticky note and drew (very messily) a little cartoon version of the shirt to remind myself. This project only took 20 minutes because all you need is:

  • a shirt
  • beads
  • a needle and thread

First, gather up all your beads. I used a pink and red theme. Then take your shirt, and create a “knot” with the thread by putting it through your fabric a few times. Slide each bead onto the needle and sew them in separately. Here is a picture of me 1/4 of the way.

The once you get to the end, secure the thread and you are all finished.

I’d wear this shirt with my jeans, but you can dress it up too! Try adding beads to different parts of a shirt – maybe the shoulders?

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3 Responses to Beaded Shirt

  1. Leslie French says:

    You are the best….

  2. crystalwish3 says:

    awesome! love your ideas!

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