Homemade Valentines

Here we go – Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! I made these valentines for my friends, and I thought you might like to know how I made them. I think they’d make a perfect gift along with those chocolate dipped peppermints from my previous post.

To start, you’ll need some colourful paper and scissors. I cut out my hearts by folding half way through the paper and then using the elementary-school-taught method of cutting half a heart (this magically makes a full heart when you unfold it! Who would have known right?!). You can write a message on the front now or later.

Now you can take some fabric glue (or any kind of glue) and glue on a length of ribbon on the front, leaving some on the edges. Add glue to the back of the folded heart and repeat.

Write a cute little note on the inside and you’re done! Cute little valentines! D’awwwww!

I hope your valentine, friends and/or family loves this little something!

Happy gluing, cutting and drawing!

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