Recipe for Love

Hi everyone!


This post is a little different from my previous ones. I made a stop-motion film called “Recipe for Love”. I entered this short film into the Viewfinders NBC Universal Film Challenge, and last night, was very happy to receive first place, best animation and the people’s choice award! It has been an amazing experience creating this film, and attending all the Viewfinders events. I thought you all would like the film – mainly because the main characters are cupcakes!

“Recipe for Love” is about about a cupcake who wishes for love. She feels sad and lonely after seeing other couples in the kitchen. If she can’t find love, she has to make it!

I really hope you enjoy it. I am very happy to share it with all of you! Click here to view the film on the CBC website.

The film will also be available for free download on iTunes beginning November 10, 2012 here – . The film will be part of the CBC DOWNLOAD Program where all films and episodes are available on iTunes free of charge. DOWNLOAD also airs on CBC Television across Atlantic Canada each Saturday at 4:00AM AT.

Thanks for all the support! Please share the video with your friends! Here’s a picture of the two stars of the show on the red carpet –

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9 Responses to Recipe for Love

  1. gwyneth! i wanted to let you know that this video is amazing! i still check your blog regularly and will continue to do so! congratulations!
    lauren williams, your ol’ amos pewter friend

  2. Janet Dunsworth says:

    Bravo, Gwyneth, for your effort and resulting awards. Way to go!! I’m sure your violin classmates would love to have some cupcakes at next class!! Congrats from your favourite HS violin teacher

  3. Nancy Landry says:

    Congrats! first place is THE BEST!…I know your Dad is very proud.

  4. cellosew says:

    Can’t wait to have the String Ensemble play for a live screening at Citadel!!

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  6. flourishcafe says:

    What a fun film! My husband and I love doing stop motion too, and it’s something I definitely want to do more of – thanks for sharing your beautiful video with us! 🙂

  7. Carolyn says:

    Wow Gwyneth! That is so well done and great! Its a 7!!! Congrats on first place – you deserve it

  8. Elizabeth Hope Christoffel says:

    Wooow! I am so impressed. I love this.

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