DIY Doily Tea Light Holders

I’ve been trying to come up with a fun and quick summer DIY project, and I think this might be it!

It only took me 5 minutes! I have a feeling some of you wedding gawker viewers out there will love these. There’s something about doilies and candles that makes me happy 🙂

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You’ll need:

  • Paper doilies
  • Glue
  • Glass bowls/containers

Take a doily and measure it in comparison to your container. Cut a straight line for the base/bottom of the container, leaving the circular edge for the top. Cut as many of these as you want to fit around the container.

Now you can start gluing. On the back side of each doily, apply a small amount of glue to any area which will be touching the container, then stick it on. Repeat until the entire container is covered.

I didn’t want any blank spaces on my glass so I made sure to overlap the doilies.

Super easy! We put these on the back deck of our cottage last night and they looked beautiful! Make sure you send me pictures if you make them.

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1 Response to DIY Doily Tea Light Holders

  1. What a great idea with the doilies! I liked your candles so much that I’ve got them linked to my DIY candles post too today!

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