DIY Magazine Labels

Sadly, it’s back to school. I know no one wants to admit it. The other day, my mom said “School starts on Wednesday!”. School is so close that we can use the days of the week to say when it starts. Very depressing. Although, the one fun part about back to school is that I get to buy new school supplies and get all crafty!

This DIY is has been a tradition since grade 9. I’m always at my cottage for the last few days of summer vacation and end up getting out all the magazines and making these labels for ALL my binders. I get a little crazy 🙂 .

It’s just a fun way to snazzy up a normal binder. It looks a bit like a ransom note, but that makes it even funnier.

You’ll need:

  • scissors
  • magazines
  • paper
  • a glue stick
  • packing tape

Collect all your old magazines around the house! This may seem tedious, but the more you have, the better letters you’ll end up finding. The trick is to look at all the ads. I’ve found that they have the coolest fonts!

Cut out letters from all the magazines, depending on which subjects you want to create labels for. If I find a good page with a bunch of awesome letters, I just rip it out and put it off to the side for later.

Arrange your letters on a piece of paper and use a glue stick to attach them to the paper. This is an important step!

Cut off a piece of packing tape that will fit length wise across the word and carefully place it on top. The tape tends to wrinkle easily, so it’s important to go slowly with this step.

Trim around the tape and attach to your binder. These work the best with the binders that have the plastic sleeve on the cover, but you can glue or tape them to any type.

I hope you have fun creating these by yourself or with someone who’s heading to school in a few days. Enjoy your new labels!

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1 Response to DIY Magazine Labels

  1. Michelle says:

    What a great idea! My son is going to come home with a bunch of books to cover, so this is something completely different that he can do!

    I would love to invite you to post this over at my link party on The Purple Pumpkin Blog! Hope to see you there 🙂

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