Valentine’s Day Cards

I think Valentine’s might just be my favourite holiday (excluding Christmas, of course). Some may call it a cliché or “Hallmark holiday”, but I like to think of it as the opposite. Even though I tell the important people in my life that I love them everyday, it’s nice to have a holiday dedicated to expressing that. Plus, it’s a great excuse to give and eat LOTS of chocolate and home baked goodies!

Remember in elementary school when you would spend an afternoon decorating a paper bag that would become filled with valentines the next day? I wish my university did that! It was so nice to dump out that paper bag at the end of the day to discover all the heart warming notes. I remember the handmade cards being my favourites!

So, that brings me to why I’ve made this post. For the past few years, I’ve loved to spend some quality time making Valentine’s cards. This year, I’ve been obsessed with my watercolour pencils. I actually love them. I never put them down. Everyone at home who has gotten snail mail from me has received at least one watercolour card.

Here are some valentines I’ve made for you to use! Send them to whoever you’d like!

Card2Now this has to be my favourite one. I think I have an obsession with Grumpy Cat. My bulletin board in my room has three pictures of him…I’m not crazy am I?

Card1I posted this one on Instagram a couple days ago and everyone LOVED it! Here’s a link to my Instagram account (



I hope you enjoy these valentines! Make sure to send them to all those special people on Friday!

I hope you have a lovely day 🙂


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2 Responses to Valentine’s Day Cards

  1. Ruth Stackhouse says:

    I hope I will get one of these cards from you in a day or two! Happy Valentine’s Day G.

    G—- m–

  2. mgstackhouse says:

    Very cute cards! You should start a business with all of your spare time! xo Obie

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