DIY Circle Scarf

If you’re one of those people who needs a last minute Christmas present, a friend’s birthday is coming up, or you just would love a circle scarf, this tutorial might be awesome for you! I was so surprised when I went into American Apparel and saw their circle scarves for $34! I decided to figure out how to make one for way less, because I knew it would be super easy.

One thing different from the regular tutorials out there is that I doubled up the fabric on my scarves. First I did this because I was using a very thin polyester material, but then I continued using it even though I had a t-shirt material. I found that it gave the scarf a fullness and made it a lot thicker!

Step 1

First begin with a rectangular piece of material (40 inches x 70 inches).

Fold it over lengthwise, so the right sides are facing each other, and then sew along the lengthwise opening.

Step 2

Next, reach one arm all the way through the tube at the seam, and grab a hold of the end. Pull the end under and back through the tube so that it comes to math the end at the top. I know this may sound a bit confusing, so I have a video here showing you how to do it!

Step 3

Now once you have matched up the sides, and you have another tube, sew it, leaving an opening about 3 inches before you finish.

Step 4

Using the opening, turn the scarf right side out. Then use a whip stitch to  close that opening. Then, VOILA! Finished!

I hope this tutorial gives you a great present and an awesome new accessory (for way less!).

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