DIY Tea Bags

We really enjoy loose tea in our family – and our favourite is rooibos! This is a really easy way to turn your favourite loose tea into tea bags that you can take where ever.

You’ll need:

  • coffee filters
  • string
  • loose tea
  • construction/other type paper
  • stapler
  • glue

First cut out 2 identical rectangles from the coffee filters. Stitch around 3 sides and then you can fill it with your loose tea. Stitch up the top of the tea bag and fold over the two top corners like in the photo.

Put the string in the centre of the bag, fold the top of the bag over the string and staple over it. Now you can personalize the end of the string with a little heart cut out of construction paper, or any other shape.

…and you’ve made your own tea bag! Put 4 or 5 of these into a cute bag and it would make a really cute gift!

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