DIY Wrap Headphones

I got the idea to make these from the DIY wrap bracelets I made a little while ago. These headphones were all white before, and since I had the coloured string left over from the bracelet tutorial, I decided to try it!

To start off, take the string and tie a knot with it around one of the wires. You can use one colour, or as many colours as you want. Once you have the knot set, start wrapping. Make sure you have a lot of string because you don’t want to run out halfway down the wire and have to tie another knot and start over again.

If you want, you can add beads along the way to jazz it up a bit. Once you get to the end of that wire, tie another knot to secure, and you’re done.

I thought these turned out pretty good, but I didn’t like the look of the knots all over the headphones. Next time, I’m going to try super gluing the string around the wire. I also was a lot more happy with the look of two different string colours. If you make any mistakes along the way, the two colours hide them better!

Let me know if you are going to try this! And if you do, send me a link to the picture!

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