How Long Can a Pool Go Without a Pump?

You understand that pool water needs to circulate regularly to get cleaned by the filter. 

Thus, it is vital to have a swimming pump to take this water to the filter and other cleaning systems. 

But can a pool stay without a pump? 

And if yes, how can you keep the water clean without the pump? 

This article gives answers to these two questions to help you have a well-maintained facility. 

How to Keep a Pool Clean Without a Pump

Your swimming pool pump can fail to function, which does not mean you swim in dirty water.

You can have a clean pool for a few days or even weeks if you do the following things.

Use a Siphoning Hose to Circulate the Water

The method is recommended for above ground pools. 

A siphoning hose is a pipe made of soft material, making it flexible.

It is open on either side, and you can connect it to your garden hose to extend its reach. 

Follow these steps to circulate the water:

  • Determine the right length of the siphoning hose 
  • Insert one end to your pool 
  • Attach to ensure the second end to a tap 
  • Switch the tap on to let the water flow to the pool 
  • Shut the tap and disconnect the hose – the water will flow from the pool to the ground
  • Let the pool to drain and then open the pool’s inlet for freshwater to get in 

This method can be time-consuming. 

Use a Shop Vacuum

The vacuum takes a shorter time to drain the water from your pool than using a siphoning hose. 

It works by generating a vacuum suction that creates a higher atmospheric pressure that pushes the water via the hose.

Ensure your vacuum has a long hose that offers the desired distance from the shop vac to the pool.

You can add a garden hose to your vacuum hose to ensure that you get a perfect size. 

The best thing about this method is using it for both the inground and above ground swimming pools. 

You can then add water, and that will guarantee you adequate water circulation.

In Conclusion

It is vital to maintain your pool by using pool chemicals even when the water circulates. 

That way, you can have the confidence that your facility is safe for human use. 

Sometimes the pool pump might fail, but that should not prevent you from circulating the water.

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